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Business Intelligence ScreenSaver 1.1

Business Intelligence ScreenSaver 1.1: Symbiosis Technolog Business intelligence applications and technologies can enab Symbiosis Technology Business intelligence applications and technologies can enable organizations to make more informed business decisions, and they may give a company a competitive advantage. For example, a company could use business intelligence applications or technologies to extrapolate information from indicators in the external environment and forecast the future trends in their sector. Business intelligence is used to improve the timelines

Active Business Intelligence Portal Active BI Portal creates  Web Reports and Web forms
Active Business Intelligence Portal

Active BI Portal is business intelligence software that provides an integrated solution for designing and deploying reports and web forms over the internet and intranet. Active BI Portal consists of two parts Active BI Portal Manager which works on Windows only and server part which is collection of PHP scripts and can be run on Windows, UNIX or Linux. Active BI Portal works with all major commercial and open source databases.

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Panorama Necto 14.1: Business Intelligence Software /Data discovery Panorama Necto 14 is the best BI
Panorama Necto 14.1

Business Intelligence Software /Data discovery Panorama Necto 14 is the best BI solution - Panorama Necto is advancing Business Intelligence 3.0 to the next level. Panorama Necto is suggestive, automatically suggesting to business users where insights can be found, while presenting that information in visual, clearly understandable terms, with no need to turn to IT or business analysts for analysis / interpretation.

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ImpactEdge 3.2: ImpactEdge - Business Intelligence software that collates, analyses & presents
ImpactEdge 3.2

ImpactEdge is an intuitive Business Intelligence & Analytics application. Designed to enable business users to streamline their processes of collating, analysing and presenting data from different sources, whilst being easy to use. This is achieved through the use of an In-Memory Database, an extensive formula environment and report builder, and advanced modelling through PowerApps. ImpactEdge - Business Intelligence Software for the future.

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Quella Business Intelligence Solution 2.0: Quella B.I.S. is a powerful data warehouse, reporting and data analysis package.
Quella Business Intelligence Solution 2.0

Business Intelligence Process from Data Extraction to Analysis. As a total solution, Quella extracts transactional data from heterogeneous data sources, consolidates the extracted data and provides necessary business information to decision makers through List Reports, Charts and OLAP-Reports. Information becomes in this way easily available to decision makers throughout the organisation. Quella is a tool that helps you to maximise the benefits of

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Elixir Repertoire 7: Elixir Repertoire takes Business Intelligence to an unmatched level of open inte
Elixir Repertoire 7

Business Intelligence to an unmatched level of open interoperability by fully embracing the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), making available Business Intelligence capabilities as Web Services. Through its REST APIs, web-enabled applications can easily interface with Repertoire Server, regardless of the application front end in use. Riding on the wave of Web 2.0, Elixir Repertoire is uniquely positioned to be the unifying business intelligence

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OLAP Reporting Tool 3.1: Extends the built-in OLAP features in Excel to make them easier work with
OLAP Reporting Tool 3.1

business intelligence (BI) is of little use until it is converted into the information that decision makers need. OLAP Reporting Tool for Excel facilitates business intelligence by helping management to explore and draw conclusions from huge amounts of data. The application extends the built-in OLAP features in Excel to make them easier work with, especially for workgroups. Users can share customized reports easily. Either display a graph or a table

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